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Three Sentiments for a Great Event

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We’ve serviced many events with our photo booth rentals in Los Angeles over the years and have been honored to work with some of the best event planners in the city. As such, we’ve been observant on what truly makes an event amazing.

Over on Event Manager Blog, we came across an article on what we can learn from the movie Titanic to create an epic event, and we couldn’t agree more that adding multi-dimensional elements does have a positive effect on guests’ engagement and overall experience.

“To create epic events you need to include at least three dimensions and engage more than just the mind. Great events engage all the senses and they move us: we feel inspired, challenged, happy, may be even scared. Everything we see, hear and feel takes us on the journey of the event.”

While the article went on to list comparisons to the movie: tragedy/compassion, heroism/inspiration, peace/tranquility and wonder and joy as possible event elements to choose from depending on your audience, below are three that we can attest to being successful for any event:


The choice of venue, decor, flowers, music and lighting all create the stage on which your event will take place. Pay attention to how you want people to feel and gather the backdrop and props to fulfill that goal.


Laughter is always welcomed and provides a great way to relax your attendees. And who wouldn’t want people to laugh and have a good time at their event? Even when you are dealing with difficult or intense subject matter, comedy can provide welcome relief as long as you are sensitive to the timing and don’t trivialize the main content.


Weddings, family reunions and special anniversaries are all events that naturally focus on love. However, many other types of events can include heart-centered activities to encourage warmth and connection.

“One of the main reasons people attend events is to meet people and have meaningful conversations. Often what we will remember about an event is not what we learned but who we met.”

Read the article in full here.

While there are many elements to choose from in making your event planning effective, ultimately it is in fulfilling your clients needs while offering their guests a truly memorable experience.

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